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Some subway stations created is outside the city limits!

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The Velocity Score describes how fast you move out from an hexagon to all the others in the city by public transport. It measures the efficency of public transport systems to explore the space in the city. The larger the velocity score is, the better and faster you move.
The Population layer shows the estimated resident population in the city. The data are taken from grids of one square kilometer and projected on the overlapping hexagons. Data sources: eurostat for europe, SEDAC for the rest of the world.
The Sociality Score is the maximun number of people that you could meet in a typical daily trip starting from a point on the map.
The Isochrone layer shows the area reachable in a given time from a starting point by public transport.

Budget 5000M€

Stop = 100M€

Tube = 30M€/km

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