Technical Details and Credits ( Go to 15minCity)

Matteo Bruno (Sony CSL Rome)
Hygor Piaget Monteiro Melo (Sony CSL Rome)
Bruno Campanelli (Sapienza University of Rome)
Enrico Ubaldi (Sony CSL Paris)
Bernardo Monechi (Sony CSL Paris)
Claudio Chiappetta (Sapienza University of Rome)
Vittorio Loreto (Sony CSL)


Riccardo Corradi (I-Lab,

15 min City

15 min City is an instance of the whatif-machine platform, based on the "15 minutes city" concept proposed by Carlos Moreno. According to this revolutionary concept, we should conceive cities so that their citizens could satisfy their personal needs by travelling no more than 15 minutes away from their home by bike or on foot. These needs should include goods, work, sport and cultural activities. This novel organization will decrease the emissions of CO2, decongest streets and public transportation, and increase the life quality of the city’s inhabitants. The 15 min City platform lets you explore how far different European cities are from this concept, by merging open data about venues within cities, routing algorithms and geolocated data about daily human movements. With 15 min City, you can check which activities or places are accessible to a neighbourhood on foot and by bike, and compare it to other urban areas. You can also check which city is the closest to the 15 minutes ideal looking at our city rankings in the map. In the following we address the main tools that are present in the platform.

Accessibility Maps

These maps will tell you how much an area is "15 Minutes". Each area's colour represents the average travel time for an individual to reach its daily activity venues on foot or by bike. If this travel time is below 15 minutes, the area colour will be blue and red otherwise.

You can use the upper left corner menu to switch between the time on foot or by bike using the corresponding icons. The drop-down menu lets you explore the map for various venues separately, considering only:
  • Outside activities: parks, walks, picnics..
  • Learning: schools, universities..
  • Supplies: supermarkets, grocery stores…
  • Eating: restaurant, bistros, cafes..
  • Moving: bus stations, train stations, taxis..
  • Cultural Activities: museums, theatres, cinemas..
  • Physical Exercise: Gyms, Sports Centers..
  • Services: offices, banks, post office, town halls..
  • Healthcare: hospitals, doctors, pharmacies..

Clicking on an area of the map also lets you explore these different categories by displaying a radar-plot with the travel times to the venues:

The 15 minutes is highlighted in red as a guide-for-the-eye to spot which venues are within 15 minutes of travel time.

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